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SV3Power NA cat-back muffler update!

Small update – I finally have a prototype AW11 NA cat-back system ready for testing, scheduled for later this month. Here it is in a very poor spy shot nestled up next to its big brother SC cat-back. I’ll have more to share after this has actually made it onto a car and been driven

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20V headers for 16V engines now in online catalog!

   16V 4AGEs can now use a 20V header!  The new 20V header modification service has been added to the catalog and can now be ordered like any other SV3Power part.  You can send in your 20V header for modification to fit your 16V engine, order a special extended version of the 20V-to-AW11 adapter downpipe,

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SV3Power customer survey – share your thoughts!

If you have purchased anything from SV3Power, here’s your chance to share your thoughts on what you got and how it can be improved.  This is not one of those “customer satisfaction” surveys – it’s a product survey, and your chance to tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you want

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Small update to product options

To streamline production, I will no longer offer parts in a painted state.  You can still buy the same VHT FlameProof coating in the Paint and Supplies section of the store if you want to paint the parts yourself.  

Three SC-style cat-back mufflers ready to ship

Picture time!  Here are the last three SC cat-back mufflers. Two of these are due to get paint today. The second one has an oval tip (not in the catalog) and the one at the bottom has the tip at an angle per the customer’s request.