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New products at SV3Power – what do you guys want to see?

It’s time for an update!

I have been getting a pretty steady stream of orders for existing products but it may be time to add a few more things to the catalog. Due to some recent events, I now have a little time to work on product development at SV3Power. There are a few new things already, such as anti-seize compound and paint listed in Paint and Shop Supplies – but there’s room for more!

One of the first things I’ll be working on is a real header and downpipe solution for the stock 16V engine. We all know that the stock exhaust manifold is prone to cracking, and the stock downpipe isn’t great, either. Many cars need a manifold and/or downpipe. A new header and downpipe combination would kill two birds with one stone by replacing broken components with new parts that actually make more power.

I will also be putting together a new cat-back muffler for naturally aspirated cars. The cat-back muffler for Supercharged cars has been a real success, but NA cars need something too. I have the parts here to make it happen and will be working on that following the 16V header/downpipe reveal.

The exhaust system is not the only thing on these cars that needs attention, so there are a few other items in the works. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself just yet. Stay tuned here, or like the Facebook page to follow along.

Since I sold my stock MR2 a little while ago, I no longer have access to a “stock” MR2 for testing, so I may need some help testing the new parts. There are a few ways to do that and we’ll get it figured out when the parts are ready…

The limitations I have are a very limited space and no access to a lift. If someone has a completed part I can use as a model, I’d be very interested in branching out to offer products that nobody else is building.  For example, someone mentioned a new Y-pipe for V6 swaps into the SW20 platform.  I’m open to suggestions. Who else has an idea for a product the AW11 (or SW2#, or Spyder) community really needs?

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