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Three SC-style cat-back mufflers ready to ship

Picture time! ┬áHere are the last three SC cat-back mufflers. Two of these are due to get paint today. The second one has an oval tip (not in the catalog) and the one at the bottom has the tip at an angle per the customer’s request.



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  • Hi,
    What noise level does the cat back muffler produce? and do you have a photo with the muffler on a car?


    • I have yet to take any photos on the car since I have to ship things as soon as I get them built, but I’ll try to do that. If you follow along on Facebook you’ll see me post that when available.

      Sound level is moderate. It is louder than stock but by no means obnoxious. So far I have been unsuccessful in getting customers to post videos, and my own car is heavily modified, so does not sound the same as it would sound on a stock engine.

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