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SV3Power NA cat-back muffler update!

Small update – I finally have a prototype AW11 NA cat-back system ready for testing, scheduled for later this month. Here it is in a very poor spy shot nestled up next to its big brother SC cat-back.


I’ll have more to share after this has actually made it onto a car and been driven around a little. But for now, it’s a start.

Also spent some time today at Goofy’s Muffler in Eugene, working on ways to streamline production of the 20V adapter downpipes and discussing a few other Super Secret projects. Good stuff.

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  • Alastair Stell

    July 21, 2014 at 11:37 PM

    Hi Aaron. Are you up to making an NA muffler? I need the downpipe / cat /muffler for my 6th Mark 1 MR2 and 3rd Blacktop engine. I’m torn between the SC muffler and a “proper” NA muffler. I assume the difference is due to back pressure? Your advice deeply appreciated. Get back to me if you have time – I need to get this done by October if possible! Cheers, Alastair

    • Alastair, thanks for the inquiry. It’s a question of being big enough to not be a restriction, but not so big as to be noisy or bulky. A strong 20V Blacktop moves enough air to warrant an SC-style system. That said, I’ll try to nail a couple of NA mufflers together today and finally get them in the catalog!

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