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SV3Power is once again shipping to Canada

Last week we announced that SV3Power Products would no longer ship to Canada or accept orders from Canadian customers. This decision was due to some persistent problems we often experience in dealing with Canadian orders. Since that announcement, those problems have been more accurately identified, and we have taken steps to prevent them occurring in

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Price change effective 10 May 2016

Quick heads-up: If you’ve been thinking about placing an order with SV3Power, now is the time!  Prices are going up May 10 due to rising materials costs. Click the SHOP button on the top right of this page or go to https://www.sv3power.com/store/ to check out the stuff. Also: Summer’s coming.  That means more time to develop

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New 16V/20V header gaskets are here!

  New 16V/20V header gaskets are here! These are embossed copper gaskets that can be reused indefinitely, and they are beautiful. Introductory price is $33.95. More details on the product page: https://www.sv3power.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=71&products_id=215 This gasket, as well as all mounting hardware, will be included with any header orders placed from here forward. Smiley face.  

AW11 Header Design Update

  Just a quick update on the SV3Power AW11 header.  We took some time to work on equalizing the length of the primary tubes.  They’re now all within a 3/4″ spread from shortest to longest.  The update means that two of the primary tubes have to be made in two pieces and welded together, but that’s

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New 4AGE MR2 header available now!

Here’s the latest on the new MR2 header.  These are now in the catalog and available to order.  In this pic, it’s coupled to an extended-length 20V-to-AW11 downpipe with 2.5″ SC-style outlet.   As mentioned earlier, building from scratch allows us to do several things that we couldn’t do with a modified 20V header, and make

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