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New 16V/20V header gaskets are here!

  New 16V/20V header gaskets are here! These are embossed copper gaskets that can be reused indefinitely, and they are beautiful. Introductory price is $33.95. More details on the product page: https://www.sv3power.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=71&products_id=215 This gasket, as well as all mounting hardware, will be included with any header orders placed from here forward. Smiley face.  

New 4AGE MR2 header available now!

Here’s the latest on the new MR2 header.  These are now in the catalog and available to order.  In this pic, it’s coupled to an extended-length 20V-to-AW11 downpipe with 2.5″ SC-style outlet.   As mentioned earlier, building from scratch allows us to do several things that we couldn’t do with a modified 20V header, and make

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New header? Yeah. New header.

Some of you noticed that we’re no longer able to sell modified 20V headers outright due to low availability of 20V header cores.  Well, there is a way around that problem.   This is a prototype part, built to the same mounting dimensions as the extended 20V header.  The plan is to sell it in combination with the

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New NA Muffler Available Now!

We’ve had a cat-back muffler for supercharged carsfor a while.  It’s about time NA cars got a little love.  The brand new NA-spec cat-back muffler is finally here.  Check it out! This new NA-spec system is just for owners of naturally aspirated cars who want something spicier than stock, but still easy to live with every

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SV3Power NA cat-back muffler update!

Small update – I finally have a prototype AW11 NA cat-back system ready for testing, scheduled for later this month. Here it is in a very poor spy shot nestled up next to its big brother SC cat-back. I’ll have more to share after this has actually made it onto a car and been driven

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