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New 4AGE MR2 header available now!

Here’s the latest on the new MR2 header.  These are now in the catalog and available to order.  In this pic, it’s coupled to an extended-length 20V-to-AW11 downpipe with 2.5″ SC-style outlet.



As mentioned earlier, building from scratch allows us to do several things that we couldn’t do with a modified 20V header, and make a few improvements along the way.


Current stats are as follows –

Configuration: built on extended 20V header pattern

Application: fits all 16V and 20V 4A-GE engines; fits AW11 when used w/ extended 20V-to-AW11 downpipe

Materials: 3/8″ mild steel flanges, 304 stainless tubing and collectors

Options: side-mount or top-mount EGR, side-mount oxygen sensor bung


The header is now listed in our online store and you can place your order whenever you’re ready.

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