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All buyers are encouraged to read the FAQ carefully before ordering any products.



What is a MkI? What is an AW11?

On this site you will see the terms MR2, MkI, and AW11 used interchangeably. MR2 is the model name. MkI (pronounced “mark one”) indicates the first “mark” or major design iteration. This includes MR2s built between December 1984 and December 1989. These cars were sold (in North America) as 1985 through 1989 models. AW11 is Toyota’s internal chassis code of the MkI MR2.

Do you or will you offer parts for SW20 or ZZW30 (MkII and MkIII) MR2s?

I have no plans to do so. Those cars enjoy relatively strong aftermarket support, and their owners can usually purchase whatever they need from many other excellent suppliers. If you feel there is a need for a product that nobody else offers, please let me know.


How long will I have to wait to get my parts?

Please understand that everything I make is custom built to order. I develop and build these parts in my spare time. I normally have plenty of flanges, hardware, and other supplies, but fabricated parts will typically take two to three weeks to complete. Please order early and allow adequate time to build your order.

I’m sorry to have to word it this way, but this is a hobby job for me, and I cannot allow new orders to become emergencies.


Are your parts street legal or smog legal?

My products are built to match the fit and function of OEM components, but they have NOT been tested or approved by any government agency (EPA, DOT, CARB, etc). The buyer is responsible for knowing and observing all local, state and federal laws. All my parts should be considered “for off road use only” – no exceptions and no guarantees!

Are your catalytic converters street legal in California?

We do offer catalytic converters that conform to current California standards to the best of my knowledge.  However, California’s emissions control laws change frequently and are very strict and specific.  Any SV3Power Products components should be considered “for off road use only” until the buyer has verified that the part they are purchasing is legal in their area and on their year, make, and model vehicle.  Buyer assumes all legal responsibility for purchase and use of any SV3Power Products items.



Should I choose the default Toyota-style oxygen sensor flange or the optional M18x1.5 threaded bung?

If you are not sure, use the Toyota-style flat pad because it accepts your car’s original oxygen sensor. You can also purchase a Toyota Oxygen Sensor Adapter EX741S, which will let you mount a threaded sensor on the Toyota-style flat mounting pad.

Should I choose a standard (ceramic) catalytic converter or a metal core cat?

It is primarily a matter of budget, but I suggest metal core cats where possible. Metal core cats are more durable and tend to last longer under harsh conditions typically seen on modified cars.


Can you make me something out of stainless?

Headers and 20V-style downpipes use stainless steel tubing. Mufflers and test pipes will continue to use heavy gauge aluminized tubing until appropriate stainless mufflers can be sourced. Aluminized steel will last for many years with reasonable care and protection.


Won’t the flanges rust if they’re only mild steel?

Surface rust may appear on mild steel flanges and fittings, but this will typically not affect durability or longevity.  You can paint the part in high heat paint (VHT FlameProof coating or similar) or send it out to be ceramic coated if you need extra protection.

Do you offer ceramic or high-temperature coatings?

Unfortunately, the limited volume of my products means that ceramic coating is not economical.  Please contact Summer at Matrix Garage if you are interested in ceramic coating your order.

Can you make something lightweight?

Not at a reasonable price, and not if you want it to last.  There are better places to lose weight than the exhaust system in these cars, and Sv3Power components parts are typically lighter than stock anyway.  Upper header EX140S weighs approximately eight pounds; downpipe EX231S is about ten pounds; mufflers are 18 to 20 pounds.



Can I use exhaust wrap on your parts?

I strongly recommend you do not use exhaust wrap or header tape on any SV3Power Products components.  It is extremely hard on parts and may cause premature failure.

While you must keep all vulnerable components (wires, hoses, cables, etc) away from any part of the exhaust system, please note that stainless steel conducts much less heat than mild steel, so a stainless header will put less heat into the engine bay than a mild steel header would.  Engine bay temperatures are not typically a problem.  If you are still concerned with engine bay temperatures, please fabricate a heat shield and/or have exhaust system components professionally ceramic coated.

What modifications are required to use your parts?

Unless otherwise stated, all parts are a simple bolt-on, with no significant modifications required.  The installer may be expected to furnish supplies such as anti-seize compound (also available in the Misc. Cool Stuff category) or to re-use some of the vehicle’s existing hardware.


Can you modify an aftermarket 4AGE header from another car to fit my AW11?

If the header is from another car with a transverse engine – i.e. any front wheel drive 4AGE powered car – it can probably be modified to fit the exhaust system.  However, this may not be prudent or cost-effective.  Please email me to discuss.

Can you make my 20V header fit the 16V head? What about extending my 20V header to clear the starter, so I don’t have to convert to a rear-mounted starter?

Yes!  Please see the Headers category.  Note that an extended 20V header requires you to select the extended downpipe option when ordering your 20V-to-AW11 Adapter Downpipe.


What is the warranty on your products?

All parts are guaranteed to fit the described combination and to be free of manufacturer and material defects at the time of installation.  Because of the custom nature of the parts, the warranty is for fit and function only.  SV3Power Products LLC has no control over your vehicle, your installation, or your use of the parts, so there is no guarantee or warranty on any part after it has been installed or used.

No warranty of emissions legality or suitability is expressed or implied.

How much power will this part give me?

At this time, I have not conducted objective power testing on most products and do not quote power gains.  As time and opportunity allow it, I hope to begin dyno testing certain combinations and comparing them to stock components on the same vehicle.


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